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​​Step 1: Find Your Perfect Unit!
Use the "For Sale/Rent" link at the top of the page to view mobile homes available for sale or rent!  If you already have a home in mind, skip to Step 2.

Step 2: Apply
Before renting, purchasing, or moving into one of our communities, you are requiredto submit an application for approval of residency. (All residents of the property who are over age 18 are required to apply prior to residing at any of our locations.)

  • CLICK HERE to review our application criteria and qualifications.
  • When you are ready to proceed . . .CLICK HERE to be directed to the Application page

Upon processing your application, our staff will notify you and the homeowner of the status of your approval. If you are APPROVED, please proceed to Step 3.  

Step 3: Check in With Us Before You Buy!
If you are purchasing a home from a current resident in the park, be sure to contact the office to verify the account is paid current BEFORE you buy! Any back rent owed on the property must be paid in full prior to signing a new lease. 

Step 4: Obtain Renter's / Homeowner's Insurance
Renter's insurance is required when renting one of our homes or if you are financing your home purchase with us. Your insurance coverage must include personal liability coverage (minimum $300,000 coverage) naming the Property you will be residing in, John A. Franklin and Franklin Management Company as "Additional Insured" or "Additional Interest." If you own your home and are only renting the lot from us you are recommended to carry a Homeowner's insurance policy to protect your investment.  This coverage typically costs $325-$350 a year depending on where you purchase it and most insurance companies will break that into low monthly payments of around $20. 

Step 5: Schedule an Appointment to Sign Your Lease
All lease signings are by appointmentonly. The Leasing Agent will contact you to set up an appointment once they receive your approved application.  We recommend you take the opportunity to review our 
Rules & Regulations prior to lease signing. (*Rules and Regulations subject to change. Residents are given a current copy of Rules & Regulations at Lease signing.) If you would like time to review your Lease documents prior to signing, please ask the Leasing agent to send you a copy for review prior to your lease signing appointment.

  • Items Required at your Lease Signing Appointment:
    • Security deposit and first month's rent must be paid by CERTIFIED FUNDS (money order, cashier's check) on the date of lease signing.
    • You must provide proof of title transferred into YOUR NAME (for mobile homes only). The title must be signed over to you by the current owner and then taken to DMV to be transferred into your name.  
      • If you are renting or "renting-to-own" please let our staff know. We may ask to see a copy of your bill of sale or lease prior to lease signing.
    • Certificate of Insurance, if required (refer to Step 4)
    • Pet vaccination records, If applicable. *See Qualifications for breed restrictions.


Last Updated: 5/13/19 (AW)


Applicants & Prospective Tenants

Thank you for choosing Franklin Management Company! It is important to us to make sure your transition to our park is a painless and simple process. Please read through the information below to get your move started!