My toilet/sink/tub won’t drain properly! Is this clog my responsibility or the park’s?

If ONE drain is backed up, but all others are draining properly, the clog is most likely on the resident’s side of the plumbing.

  • Contact a plumber, or use a a drain snake to clear the clog. See the link below for information:
  • The resident is responsible up to the point of the clean out pipe. Look in the yard for a white plastic pipe sticking up out of the ground. This is your clean out pipe.

If ALL of your drains are effected, PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE IMMEDIATELY! We will send our staff to inspect the lines and clear any clogs on the main line.

Residents can help to prevent clogs by avoiding putting grease down the drains, flushing wipes (even if the package says they are flushable, they can still lead to clogs) diapers, paper towels etc. Residents should refer to the Sewer & Septic Guidelines signed with the lease.