​​​I don’t have any water, could my pipes be FROZEN? What do I do?

Check with your neighbors! If your neighbor’s water is working, but yours isn’t, that could mean your pipes are frozen!

If several residents in the park are without water, it is possible there is a water outage. From time to time, staff will need to turn the water off to the park in order to repair a water leak on the main, or replace a shut off valve to stop a leak. Call the office to confirm!

If you have determined your pipes are frozen:

  • Turn the water off at your main cut off and leave the faucets open! This will prevent a water leak once your pipes thaw out. When ice forms in the pipes the pipes can swell and crack. Once they thaw out, the damaged water line will begin to leak & spray water.  Water leaks can be very costly! Turning your water off can prevent excessively high water bills and further property damage.
  • Call a licensed and insured plumber! A plumber can assist you with inspecting your pipes and thawing out the pipes in a safe manner.
  • If it is safe to do so, you can thaw out the water lines with a hair-dryer or small space heater. Make sure your water is OFF and do not leave these items unattended.

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