Temperatures are below freezing. How do I prevent my water pipes from freezing?

Prepare for cold weather: turn off water to outside hose bibs, install heat tape and insulation around all water lines. During freezing temperatures residents are advised to leave their water running at a steady trickle and leave cabinet doors open so warm air can circulate around the water pipes.

Residents are required to have Heat Tape/Insulation installed on their water lines to prevent freezing. If you do not have these, please install them immediately, or call a plumber to assist you.

  • Rules & Regulations, Page 3 – “HEAT TAPES: All pipes must be properly wrapped with heat tape or insulation to prevent freezing. Heat tapes alone are not enough to prevent pipes from freezing. Pipes should be completely wrapped to a depth of four (4) inches below the ground. Management is not responsible for frozen pipes.”
How to install heat tape and insulation