Qualifications & Criteria for Applicants

We strive to make our application process as simple and transparent as possible. We are glad to work with applicants of all credit backgrounds. Please review our application process below before applying.

All applicants must show Government Issued ID as proof of identity and provide current proof of income in order to complete application process.

Once all application documents are submitted, processing the application can take up to 48-72 business hours.

Acceptable forms of ID

  • State issued Driver’s License or ID card
  • Passport or Visa
  • Employment Authorization card
  • Government issued Voter Registration card, must include photo
  • Note: A photograph of yourself (selfie) is not acceptable

Source of funds

  • Three (3) most recent pay stubs, bank statements, or… 
    • if applicant is self-employed/independent contractor: Tax returns from previous year or 1099 forms to show income earned.
    • if applicant receives Social Security Income, or Disability Income: Award letter showing amount and frequency of deposits.
    • if applicant receives Court Ordered Child Support: Copy of court order reflecting the amounts and time frame of payments. 
  • Public Housing Assistance vouchers accepted

Please note that documentation must show the applicant name as the account holder and the source of funds (e.g. the company name or government entity name).


Income/source of funds

  • Applicants must show at least three (3) times the rent amount in monthly income/source of funds.
    • (Example: If rent is $400.00, applicant must show minimum of $1,200.00 in monthly income/source of funds.)
    • If applicant cannot show proof of income/source of funds sufficient to support lease, Management may allow a Guarantor to co-sign lease.​
    • Guarantor’s must apply and agree to sign lease.

Credit history

  • ​Applicant’s credit history should not reveal utilities which are past due or in collections.
    • ​Management may ask to see proof of payment if accounts are current, in repayment or collection accounts being closed.
  • Applicant’s credit/rental history should not reveal collections/eviction history from former rental properties.
    • ​Management may ask to see proof of payment or written payment arrangements with former landlord.

Rental history

Management will verify tenant history and payment history with former rental locations. Rental Verifications should not reveal issues with applicant’s performance of lease or Rules & Regulations violations.

Criminal history

Applicant’s criminal history should not reveal any charges within the last 10 years of violent crimes, sexually related crimes, or drug charges, or reveal an overall criminal history which shows a pattern in crimes of this sort.


  • Applicant must provide vaccination records for any pets listed on application.
    • All pets must be approved before entering the premises.​​
    • Management prohibits certain breeds of pets. Doberman, Rottweiler, Pitbull, Akita, Chow, Mastiff, Wolf or any sub/cross breeds of these are not allowed.
    • Exotic pets such as snakes and wild animals will not be permitted on park premises.
    • At no time does park allow livestock to be kept as pets.
  • Please note that pets are not allowed in the Deerfield community rentals.


  • Our lease stipulates residents are allowed 2 parking places with the leased premises.
    • If applicant owns more than 2 vehicles, Management may require additional vehicles be stored off premises.
    • Management does not allow RV’s, utility trailers or tow trailers to be stored on premises without our written consent. Please speak with Staff to seek permission before bringing these vehicles on premises.

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